‘Ed-0: Zombie Uprising’ trailer pits 19th-century Japan against zombies

The "rogue-like action survival title" will launch in Early Access next month

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has been revealed with a brand new trailer, showcasing a “rogue-like action survival title” set in a zombie-ridden 19th-century Japan.

Edo-0: Zombie Uprising will launch in Early Access for PC on April 4, 2022.

The trailer’s description says the game will be a “rogue-like action survival title”, and a press release from D3 Publisher has shared that it will include “over 10 hours of core gameplay content” at launch.


This will include two playable characters, three main quests and main bosses, five sub-quests, and randomly generated dungeons in each playthrough. A third playable character will be added later in the game’s Early Access phase.

You can watch the trailer for Ed-0: Zombie Uprising below:

As to what the game entails, the press release reveals that Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will include “brutal strategic battles in a rogue-like format” set in a world where Japan has been overrun by zombies.

The game’s gory combat seems to revolve around melee battles, with the three classes showcased – Ninja, Sumo Wrestler and Samurai – all kitted to get up-close and personal with the undead hordes.

On the roguelike nature of the game, D3 Publisher states that “no dungeon run will be the same, so players’ judgement will be of the utmost importance”.


Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will also include a hub base where players can upgrade their characters, with different skills and various items available to pick up from the safe location.

In other gaming news, Unity – the company behind the popular game engine of the same name – has shared that the pandemic has brought “long-lived and sustainable” changes to the games industry.

The number of daily active users on PC and console has jumped up by 62 per cent since the start of 2019, while the same stat for mobile gaming has increased by 74 per cent.

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