‘eFootball 2022’ reviews on Steam are “overwhelmingly negative”

The free-to-play title is currently the worst rated game on Steam of all time

Public eFootball 2022 reviews from users have not gone down the way Konami may have hoped, with fans calling it the “worst football game” ever released.

Since launch, user reviews on Steam have been “overwhelmingly negative“, but according to “Hall of Shame” site Steam250.com (as spotted by Kotaku), it’s actually the worst-rated title on the platform of all time based on calculating the percentage difference. Out of reports that eFootball 2022 sits in the top spot. Out of over 10,000 reviews, the game has a score of 0.89, with roughly nine per cent of users giving a positive vote.

Not just a rebrand of PES, the football sim has also transformed into a free-to-play title, which has launched in very limited form, while also selling a £30 DLC that can’t be used for two months.


eFootball 2022
eFootball 2022. Credit: Konami.

Fans had already been quick to slam eFootball 2022 for its awful graphics, featuring some very bizarre character models and facial expressions – while some animations and kicks aren’t even available at launch.

But the criticism also extends to the rest of the game, with user reviews citing how it “lacks content”, while another calls it a “mobile game” (which is true, as it’s also available on iOS and Android devices).

One user did give the benefit of the doubt, noting that the game has launched as a 0.9 version, indicating that it’s still an unfinished version, evident by a lack of other modes.

Nonetheless, given that it’s been two years since the last proper new instalment (when the series was still under the PES brand), it’s evidently far from what fans had been expecting.


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