Eggnut Games teases sequel to gorgeous post-noir indie ‘Backbone’ in 2022

The game will be "more gay"

Developer Eggnut Games is rounding out the year with the first glimpse at a new Backbone game. The untitled game is in development now, with its release planned for 2022.

While the reveal – made both on Twitter and as part of publisher Raw Fury’sRawcember” slate of announcements – doesn’t give much away, it does show that the game will be maintaining the stunningly detailed pixel art of the original game.


Backbone itself was released in June 2021. Described by Eggnut as “a post-noir roleplaying detective adventure”, players take on the role of Howard Lotor, a classically downbeat private detective caught up in “a deeply personal story of change and transformation” on the mean streets of a dystopian Vancouver. Also, you’re a raccoon.

The game stood out for its anthropomorphic world and its striking visuals. Eggnut employed high-definition pixel art and used 3D techniques, including dynamic lighting, weather effects, volumetric fog, and neon lights to help create a distinct look.

Backbone (Credit: Eggnut Games)

Mechanically, Backbone was inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games, with elements of stealth and exploration as Howard travelled the city, now a walled-off and isolationist state. It also featured elaborate dialogue trees and a degree of relationship management with the game’s expansive cast.

Both developer and publisher are keeping quiet on any details about the project, each simply showing the 25-second preview video, which shows an empty street in the middle of a snowstorm. While fans are now speculating on Eggnut’s Twitter feed about what the game will be, the only thing Eggnut has revealed is that “we can’t tell you whether it’s a sequel or a prequel or a racing game just yet, but please know that it’s more gay”.

The first Backbone is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.


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