‘Elden Ring’ app aims to help casual players track quests

The app replaces the need for an in-game quest tracker

An app has been developed to help players track quests and more in Elden Ring.

The iOS app was designed by an Elden Ring player who was keen to introduce a quest tracker to the hugely popular game. In an interview with VGC, Dachary Carey explained he “wanted to enjoy playing this game so badly” that he created the app.

Ordinarily, someone who writes documentation for a living, Carey described the lack of a quest tracker in Elden Ring as a “big accessibility barrier”. In particular, it’s an issue for “more casual gamers” despite it being well known that the omission was a deliberate design choice by FromSoftware.


The iOS app can fill that gap for those who miss a tracker. It’s effectively a database app so users can manually enter the names of characters or locations. They can also add notes on quests. The app is designed with Elden Ring in mind, but it can technically be used for other games that offer side-quests.

Elden Ring waypoint ruins
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

Carey explains on his blog that the app means he can keep track of things “without having to play 20 hours a week”. It’s a simple but potentially very effective app. Currently number one in the App Store’s Entertainment category, it costs £2.49 to download.

Previously, it was revealed that an in-browser interactive map for the game is available. The map includes all locations, items, Sites of Grace, NPCs, bosses, upgrades, and much more.

Elden Ring is massive, but that hasn’t stopped a speedrunner recently completing the game in under an hour. Since then, the record has been cut down to less than 50 minutes.


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