‘Elden Ring’ has an online interactive map to help curious players

For those needing a little push in The Lands Between

An in-browser interactive map of The Lands Between in Elden Ring is available to help players keep track of their progress.

The official map includes all locations, items, Sites of Grace, NPCs, upgrades, bosses and more in the game. Available on the Elden Ring wiki page, the interactive map serves as a vital tool for many players, but should be avoided by all of those not wishing to be spoiled.

A search function also allows players to quickly find exactly what it is they are looking for, lending many a much needed hand when out searching for something specific. The map is an ongoing project, so some locations may be slightly off or missing at time of publication.


As Elden Ring doesn’t have a mini-map, instead opting for a full map screen and compass whilst playing, this interactive map can help steer players in the right direction when looking for things like in-game map locations, or the whereabouts of Legacy Dungeons.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware

Recently the A Song Of Ice And Fire author George R.R. Martin said he was “honoured” to have worked with FromSoftware on the game. Martin was responsible for the worldbuilding during early development, which he then handed off to the developers in Japan.

“I am honoured to have met them and worked with them, and to have played a part, however small, in creating this fantastic world and making Elden Ring the landmark megahit that it is,” said Martin.

Elsewhere in Elden Ring news, a boss has already been beaten with a Nintendo Switch Ring Fit controller, and it was done on the first try as well.


In other news, Inscryption is getting ports to Mac and Linux, with the developers asking owners of the game on Steam to help with playtesting.