‘Elden Ring’ invaders can leave save files unusable

Live, Die, Repeat

A new exploit allows Elden Ring invaders to trap players in a death cycle, making their save files unusable.

Elden Ring players on PC are experiencing invasions that are leaving their save files useless. Players can travel to other players’ worlds in Elden Ring to assist or attack. However, a recently discovered exploit allows malicious users to do more than that. (Via PCGamesN)

Invaders are joining games and then hacking the other player’s game to cause a crash. However, after the game has been reloaded, the player who was invaded will now find that their character is stuck in a falling loop that leads to death.


Once a player is trapped, they cannot escape, and all of their save game progress is lost. The only potential escape is to repeatedly attempt to open the map and teleport to a safe location; however, this method is unreliable.

Those playing Elden Ring on PC may want to create a local backup of their save data to avoid losing all of their progress if they are affected. Players may also want to play the game in offline mode until a fix is deployed.

Twitter user EldenRingUpdate shared a video of the hack in action, and showed their game crashing the moment another player invaded. They were then stuck in the death loop.

This exploit is similar, but not as severe, to one that was revealed for all of FromSoftware’s games on PC that allowed malicious users to execute code on other people’s machines.


In other news, Epic Games has announced that all profits from Fortnite between now and April 4 will be donated to charities working to support those affected by the Russian invasion in Ukraine. This includes all V-bucks purchases and physical code purchases that are redeemed during the stated period.

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