‘Elden Ring’ mod adds unofficial photo mode

The mod is free until March 10

A mod for FromSoftware’s Elden Ring adds a photo mode that allows players to move their camera freely and take perfect screenshots.

To take a screenshot in Elden Ring that is unimpeded by UI and the player character, users must switch off their UI and use the in-game telescope. However, a more freeform solution is now available thanks to a mod (via PC Gamer).

Created by Frans “Otis_Inf” Bouma, the Elden Ring photo mode mod allows players to unlock their camera from the character and move it in any way they please. The game can also be paused to ensure the action is captured perfectly, and the mod can even be used during cutscenes.


The mod is available to download from Bouma’s Patreon but will only be free until March 10. The download includes instructions on set-up, primarily how to disable Elden Ring’s anti-cheat and run the game in offline mode. Sadly this means the mod can’t be used to get screenshots of multiplayer gameplay.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

It is essential to ensure that the game runs in offline mode when playing with the mod, as players may be banned from Elden Ring’s online modes if they are detected using cheats.

Players have also been warned of an issue with Steam Cloud saving for Elden Ring. Bandai Namco released a support page with information on the error, which appears to be caused when save data is not correctly uploaded to the Steam Cloud.

If this happens, players may lose progress by starting an older version of their save data. To avoid this problem, Bandai Namco recommends that players carefully check which version, cloud or local, of their save data they are using. It is also recommended that players create local backups of their save data.


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