‘Elden Ring’ mod marathon taking place next week

There's even cash prizes for different categories

An Elden Ring mod marathon – or modathon – is taking place over the next week, with cash prizes up for grabs in each of the contest’s categories.

Running from July 15 to 22, a prize pool of $1,000 (around £850) is available between three categories. Modders need to make sure whatever they create fits into a category, and that it’s made in the seven day timeframe.

A YouTube video from LeKevDev outlines the competition, with the event hoping to spark “creativity, learning and growth for the modding community.”


There are three mod categories in total: $250 (around £210) is on offer for “most cursed,” another $250 for “best reskin,” and $500 (around £420) for “game changer.”

“Most cursed” focuses on nonsensical mechanics and uncanny imagery, with players encouraged to replace in-game enemies and assets to create absurd scenarios, like the Thomas The Tank Engine mod that reskins the dragons in Skyrim.

“Best reskin” is all about changing the characters, enemies and landscapes of Elden Ring to represent another game entirely. The video shows the player skin changed to Geralt from The Wither 3, and a mod that changes the UI and characters to be those from Persona 5.

The last category is “game changer,” which will see modders fundamentally change Elden Ring via its mechanics and moment-to-moment gameplay.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware


Competitors are advised to limit the scope of their project, with the short turnaround time of just a week meaning there’s only so much that can be done. That said, all modders are also told to submit something even if it isn’t finished. Those interested in seeing more of the Elden Ring marathon or taking part should join the relevant Discord.

In other news, the UK government has issued the games industry with a warning over loot boxes, saying legislation will be put in places if children aren’t better protected.