‘Elden Ring’ modder discovers unfinished content within pre-release build

The pre-release version features lots of unfinished content

Twitch streamer and modder Lance McDonald, best known for his Soulsborne datamining, has streamed a pre-release version of Elden Ring.

McDonald took to Twitter today (August 11) and revealed that he was able to gain access to the beta version of the game from “two months before the game released” and went on to stream it live on Twitch.

The modder confirmed that the version contained “heaps” of unfinished content, including different items, enemies and mechanics that aren’t in the current build of Elden Ring, and a full debug camera.


Speaking during to NME during his broadcast, McDonald explained how he got access to the version: “This is my own work, I patched the game to enable this feature, I ported a bunch of code to make this work, it’s just the build of the game.”

He also explained that the pre-release version of the game is “using the network test user interface” to run and that he was playing on a jailbroken PS4.

The stream showcased the early hours of Elden Ring using the debug camera mode. McDonald was able to activate camera while playing which allowed him to freely move it where he wanted. Using this method, the modder discovered that the Spectral Steed Torrent and Melina do come into the starting cave where the player wakes up after being killed by the Grafted Scion (via GamesRadar).

He was also able to change the perspective during cutscenes, as well as zoom really close to set pieces and his playable character; it acts as a great tool for screenshots it seems.

Earlier this month, another Elden Ring dataminer was able to play the pre-patch 1.0 build which featured a much harder version of the most difficult boss fight in the game: Malenia Blade of Miquella.


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