‘Elden Ring’ multiplayer details have been revealed

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Details on how multiplayer will work in Elden Ring have been revealed.

In a tweet from @ELDENRING posted November 10, FromSoftware revealed four images that give more details about the upcoming game.


The first of these explains that “vanquishing an enemy group will replenish your flasks. The number and type of flasks to be replenished varies depending on the enemy group. You cannot replenish more flash than your maximum amount allows.”

This is a departure for the series which has typically seen players visit a bonfire, or similar location, in order to replenish their flasks.

The second image explains the multiplayer menu:

“With the multiplayer menu, you can use various multiplayer items. If you set a group password, you’ll be more likely to see messages, summon signs, bloodstains and so on from others using the same password. If you set a multiplayer password, you’ll only be matched with other players using the same password for multiplayer features.”

The third explains how players can summon spirits and the limits of the feature:

“With a spirit-caller’s bell, you can use ashes to summon various spirits. Summoning typically consumes FP. You can only summon one type of spirit at a time. You cannot summon spirits during multiplayer”


The final of the four images explains how invasions and competitive multiplayer will work in the game:

“You will need certain items to participate in each type of multiplayer: cooperative, invasion, or competitive. Select “multiplayer” from the main menu to see your multiplayer items.”

A Closed Network Test will take place from November 12 until November 14. Keys for the test are currently being sold for hundreds of pounds on eBay. 

Elden Ring launches on February 25 next year for PCPS4PS5Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S after the title was delayed earlier this year from January 2022.

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