‘Elden Ring’ players discover massive bear past the demo’s restricted area

Players are also discovering a new boss called Crucible Knight Floh

Elden Ring players were able to find a way to breach the game’s out of bounds area but were stopped by a monstrous creature.

FromSoftware released a closed network test last week for its much-anticipated RPG Elden Ring, and players have been using their time to not just fight several of the bosses featured in the demo, but also find ways to breach the game’s restricted areas.

As spotted by Kotaku, a number of players have been able to discover a way to squeeze their way out network test bounds using a rather simple trick. But once they’d breached the misty out of bounds, they were faced with a massive bear trying to kill them.


One YouTuber, ramses1033, breached the restricted area by doing a jumping attack with their sword which then pushed them through the mist wall, but they didn’t come across the bear.

However, another content creator–AllisonByProxy–was able to do much more exploration and has uploaded several videos showing their progress. In one video, the player can be seen past the border, riding around in newly discovered areas until they find an open field with animals.

Soon enough though, the bear crashes into view and the player begins to fight it. It seems to be a difficult mini-boss of some sort as it displays a number of heavy attacks, and it can move quite quickly.

Along with breaching the game’s out of bounds, players are also discovering a new boss named Crucible Knight Floh. The boss is accessible by using a portal to teleport the player to a pocket dimension called the Evergaol. Although in AllisonByProxy’s gameplay video, Floh didn’t spawn.


In other news, Elden Ring players are forcing bosses to fall off cliffs.