‘Elden Ring’ PvP bug makes a certain Ash of War overpowered

Carian Retaliation is so overpowered it's making PvP unplayable

Elden Ring players have discovered a PvP bug that makes a build so powerful it one-shots enemies.

Following the release of FromSoftware‘s latest patch, which buffed shields, players have found that the Ash of War: Carian Retaliation build is now so overpowered it makes PvP unbalanced and just unfair (via PC Gamer).

Carian Retalian provides a magic affinity that fires three magical swords at the targeted enemy when the player parries an attack with a shield. This particular Ash of War also provides damage based on the shield’s upgrade level, so if players raise their level to max, it will be really strong.


A new YouTube video demonstrates the Carian Retaliation bug in action, dubbed “the most broken ability to ever exist.” Cranberry, the video creator, explained that when you use a Glintstone Scrap with the Ash of War, it can one-shot enemies. Some players have reported that it instantly kills people at 50 vigor or lower.

The next part of the video shows Cranberry fighting another player in PvP, but when their enemy uses the Ash of War, the three blades that appear over the player’s head don’t move when prompted to fire at him. This results in a bug that makes it so invisible blades hit the player, despite there not being a visible indication that they’ve been fired. Again, this one-shots players causing big problems in PvP.

The YouTuber explained that others in the community have mentioned that the bug could be a problem on Elden Ring‘s server-side since the blades appear to work as intended outside PvP. Nevertheless, Carian Retaliation is still unbalanced and not working as intended in online PvP.

Elsewhere, FromSoftware has released patch 1.03.2, which finally fixes an exploit that was causing hackers to invade other people’s games and ruin their save files. In the patch notes, the developer notes that it has “fixed a bug in multiplayer that allowed players to teleport others to incorrect map coordinates”.


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