‘Elden Ring’ randomiser mod can make every enemy Malenia

Enemies, items and boss item drops are all randomised in the mod

A fan-made randomiser mod for Elden Ring completely changes how the player can engage with FromSoftware’s most recent SoulsBorne title.

Called the “Elden Ring item and enemy randomiser” and designed by Matt “thefifthmatt” Gruen, the mod completely randomises every item, starting loadout and even allows for enemy placement to be customised.

As noted by Kotaku, this means that true masochists can turn every single enemy in the game into the hardest boss, Malenia, if they so choose. Players can even randomise key items needed to progress the story, with one mode requiring the player to collect all seven Great Runes before fighting the final boss.


You can see footage of the mod in action in a tweet from Gruen below:

“In the best case, I hope the randomiser gives players an experience of discovery and adaptation not always found in normal re-playthroughs,” Kotaku heard from Gruen via email.

“Shuffle-based randomizers have fun design elements too, like knowing that thing X ended up in place Y lets you infer things about thing Y.”

Elden Ring is an intricate and generous game where 99 per cent of players won’t see all 100 per cent of it, so modding it requires a different approach to both mod design and implementation,” Gruen added.

Whilst the randomiser is still under development, Gruen has developed a series of mods for other FromSoftware games, like a gay marraige mod for Dark Souls 3, a fog gate randomiser, or a mod where the floor in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice inflicts different status effects.


Those interested in Gruen’s Elden Ring randomiser mod can find it here.

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