‘Elden Ring’ speedrunner clears the game in under an hour

How long will the record last?

Speedrunner LilAggy has beaten FromSoftware’s latest release Elden Ring in less than an hour, officially becoming the first sub-hour Elden Ring completion.

LilAggy is a well-known Souls game speedrunner who has held world records for multiple categories in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. (Via TheLoadout.)

The speedrunner’s most recent accomplishment is beating Elden Ring in a total time of 59 minutes and 38 seconds. To accomplish this, LilAggy spent 14 hours streaming and managed to utilise several skips to cut through as much of Elden Ring as possible, eventually beating the final boss in a straight fight.


Earlier this week, another speedrunner, nico bellic, beat Elden Ring without dying in just over two and half hours. The route used needed to be carefully planned to ensure that the required number of runes and upgrade items were collected as efficiently as possible. This allowed nico to efficiently defeat all the required bosses and beat the game without a single death.

As with all speed runs, it will only be a matter of time before someone overtakes the current records and finds even sneakier strategies to beat the game quickly.

In NME’s review of Elden Ring, Andy Brown said, “FromSoftware’s most ambitious title yet, Elden Ring is a glowing spectacle of achievement. A refined open-world format adds unimagined wonder to the game, whilst legacy dungeons will likely go down as some of FromSoftware’s best level design. Beyond that, there are so many improvements to the Souls formula that make this an essential play for fans – this is a game that brings so much to the table, yet somehow leaves nothing out.”

In other news, a trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo was shared at March 9’s State Of Play. The in-engine trailer shows off the detailed world players will get to explore.