‘Elden Ring’ spoilers surface after PS4 jailbreak

There was no giant bear to stop dataminers

Spoilers for Elden Ring have reportedly surfaced in online communities, due to hackers successfully jailbreaking a PS4.

Since the PS4 has been jailbroken, the usual restrictions on accessing back-end files have been bypassed for the console. This means that some players have been able to datamine information taken from Elden Ring‘s closed network test which was held in November (thanks, PCGamesN).

While we won’t be linking to the spoilers directly, the datamine seems to have dug up information on what weapons, characters, and locations will appear in the game. Furthermore, some datamined voice lines are being used to piece together important plot points that Bandai Namco has not previously shared.


In response to the datamined content, earlier in the week mods for the Elden Ring Reddit warned that no datamined content or spoilers would be permitted in the community.

“The sub has always aimed to focus on Elden Ring and wants to celebrate the experience of the game so that the creative vision of the developer may shine through. Hacking into their demo and unceremoniously spoiling plot points, mechanics and systems long before these are ready for launch is not something this sub will support,” reads the stickied post.

Back in November, fans were trying to discover Elden Ring details in more conventional terms – which involved trying to sneak out of bounds in the closed network test. Unfortunately for these players, they discovered that FromSoftware placed a giant bear in the game to maul anyone who broke out of the demo’s limited area.

For players who would rather wait to discover Elden Ring for themselves, there’s not too much longer to wait. Following several delays, Elden Ring is set to launch on February 25, 2022.


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