‘Elden Ring’ streamer defeats Godrick with a controller made of bananas

What fruit would you use?

An Elden Ring streamer has defeated one of the game’s most infamous bosses with bananas.

Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton is well known for his bizarre controllers. In the past, he beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with a pair of Donkey Kong bongos. Most recently, he beat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Elden Ring by using the Ring Fit Adventure controller. Now, he’s gone many steps further by playing through Elden Ring with a controller made out of bananas.

As PC Gamer reported, the controller is made from eleven bananas wired into a circuit box. A YouTube video demonstrates how it works.


The banana/circuit board combo simulates the buttons of a PS4 controller. He touches the bananas and gets the same response as if he pressed a button. A series of tweets by Super Louis 64 shows off his excitement as he beats Godrick The Grafted with the strange control method.

It’s as bizarre as it sounds, but an impressive accomplishment that’s sure to inspire players to try even harder with a regular controller. Previously, Super Louis 64 beat the final boss in Dark Souls 3 with the same controller.

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One programmer said that “the amount of compensation is very low in terms of the workload,” while another employee shared that “there are no special treatments for pregnancy and childcare” and added that “most female employees who are about to give birth are expected to leave the company”


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