‘Elden Ring’ survey says the Mimic Tear is the best spirit ash in the game

Some also called the game “obtuse in a good way”

An Elden Ring survey has found what parts of the game players enjoyed the most, and provided extra comments about what they would like to see in the title going forward.

The FromSoftware game survey was conducted by Famitsu and published on May 13 (translation via Frontline Gaming Japan). The survey was done in April and got the opinions of 1700 Elden Ring players, with the highest age group being 333 people aged 25-29.

According to the survey, the average playtime was between 100-150 hours, with 499 players clocking in that amount of time. Only seven played it for under ten hours, and 112 for over 300.


To no one’s surprise, the Mimic Tear Ashes took home the victory as everyone’s favourite spirit ash with 721 votes, while Soldjars of Fortune had a measly 29. Of the NPCs, the ones that left the strongest impressions were Ranni the Witch, Iron Fist Alexander and Blaidd.

Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware

Of the most memorable enemies, players chose Starscourge Radahn and Malenia, with additional player comments saying some want a prequel game and downloadable content.

When players were asked what they liked about Elden Ring (for which they could choose multiple answers), most said the story and world, exploration, and boss combat were highlights of the game. Interestingly, only 150 players said they liked item crafting, with 469 noting the multiplayer as well.

The survey also let players comment freely on their favourite parts of the title, with some answering: “How players can all come up with their own ways of playing the game,” and adding that it has “the perfect balance for combat, where you can kill even a god when going one-on-one, but can be killed by regular enemies when going up against many.” Some even called Elden Ring “obtuse in a good way”.

Unsurprisingly, the most prioritised stat was Vigor, which gives the player more health, while Endurance and Dexterity followed it up. Across the 1700 people surveyed, Katanas were the favourite weapon with 841 votes. Multiple options could be picked, with Greatswords and Medium Shields coming in just below.


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