‘Elden Ring’ to turn 100 fans into real life Lords and Ladies

It's “the ultimate in bragging rights and status"

Bandai Namco has launched a competition to make 100 Elden Ring fans into official Elden Ladies and Lords, as well as gifting them an actual plot of land in Scotland.

In collaboration with Highland Titles, the publisher will give the winners a certificate declaring them an official “Elden Lady” or “Elden Lord” to use in their everyday lives. While the titles don’t have the same weight as having a hereditary title, Highland Titles claims they can be used on legal documents and for “lighthearted fun”.

“Our customers have shared stories of everything from flight upgrades to preferential treatment,” it claims.


Winners will also receive “the ultimate in bragging rights and status” by way of “a souvenir plot of land” at the Highland Titles Nature Reserve near Glencoe in Scotland.

“You can essentially do what you please with the land within the normal confines of law,” Highland Titles say. “We do also retain rights to prevent the land being used for hunting and shooting. The land can only ever be used for the purposes of conservation.”

The competition opens 9am Friday (February 25) and players are able to nominate someone who they think is worthy of the title by emailing eldenlord@bandainamcoent.eu.

The competition runs until March 11 and is only open to entrants based in the UK and Ireland. Entrants must be over 16 and all the terms and conditions can be seen here.


Elden Ring releases February 24 with preloads launching 48 hours beforehand while a recently released trailer gives a full overview of Elden Ring’s lore, world, and gameplay systems.

In a five-star review, NME wrote: “Trying to summarise all of Elden Ring‘s successes, trying to pinpoint why it feels so special, is a gargantuan task. There’s a sublime open-world, and FromSoftware has made some incredibly innovative changes to its difficulty, but that’s not quite it.”

“Yes, there’s now an accessible plot and yes, the boss fights could rank as some of FromSoftware’s best. But that’s still not it. Elden Ring is Miyazaki’s masterpiece not because of any one improvement, but because it’s a towering sum of its parts. It’s been tens of hours since I first stepped foot into the Lands Between, and I still can’t quite believe how monumentally it delivers.”