‘Elden Ring’ update expands Patches’ questline and adds plenty of buffs

Patches' notes

Elden Ring has received a new update, bringing with it a number of buffs to a variety of weapons, and an update to Patches’ questline.

Patch 1.04, available now, adds two new additional elements to Elden Ring. The first is a new option that lets players turn the camera auto-rotate function on or off. More interestingly though, new “event phases” have been added for the NPC Patches. What these events are have not been disclosed in the update, so players will have to dive into the game themselves to figure it out.

There were also a large number of balance adjustments included in this update – in particular, bigger weapons saw a range of buffs. Colossal swords and weapons’ attack speed have been increased, and their recovery time has been lowered. Two-handed attack damage for colossal swords and weapons has also been increased, but for both buffs jump attack damage remains the same.


The physical block rate and guard boost of the colossal swords, weapons, greatswords, great hammers, great axes, great spears, and halberds also been increased.

A couple of weapons have received damage buffs too, including the Grafted Blade Greatsword, and the Devourer’s Scepter.

The Elden Ring update also includes other improvements for players, such as the length of the madness afflicted animation now being shorter. Furthermore, players will get slightly more FP and stamina per level at lower levels too.

However, there were also some negative changes too, like the decreased scaling of status effect build-up from spells and incantations of the Albinauric Staff and the Dragon Communion Seal. Greatshield Talisman’s effect for weapons with a high block rate has also been decreased.

If players want to see any of these changes, all they need to do is either level up once, activate Godrick’s Great Rune, or re-equip anything that grants a bonus stat to either strength, dexterity, vigour, endurance, intelligence, faith, or arcane.


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