‘Elder Scrolls Online’ loot boxes will no longer cost real money

Part with less loot

The latest Elder Scrolls Online update appears to be phasing out real-world purchases, allowing players to earn loot boxes through play.

The new system of acquiring loot boxes in The Elder Scrolls Online falls under the Endeavours system, which provides Crown Crate items in exchange for Seals of Endeavour. These Seals can be earned through a rotating daily or weekly list of optional tasks and side quests.

The Endeavour missions will be a mix of crafting and fighting, allowing Elder Scrolls Online players to trade their Seals for XP scrolls, potions, pets, and any other Crown Crate item. Seals can be hoarded, and stay with the player until they are spent.


As of yet, there are no details on pricing or quantity of Seals, only that the update will be part of Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 30. The update may have been implemented by Bethesda to adhere to parent company Microsoft’s loot box policy that states: “Items in loot boxes can always be earned through play.”

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 30 will arrive in June alongside a dedicated next-gen release. ESO: Console Enhanced will “dramatically improve the game’s visual fidelity and performance” on next-gen consoles. The list of next-gen improvements being implemented includes 60FPS gameplay via the Performance Mode option.

Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced will now also boast increased draw distance, and will also unlock the ability for higher resolution textures, improved antialiasing to smooth out jagged edges of structures and foliage, and improved reflections.

Other notable improvements being implemented include loading times being halved, improved depth of field, shadow resolution and distance, and ambient occlusion.

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