Electronic Arts could use AI to teach gamers a foreign language

The studio recently filed an “edutainment overlay” patent

Electronic Arts could be developing a way for Artificial Intelligence to teach gamers a foreign language while they play.

As reported by Exputer, Electronic Arts recently filed a patent for an “edutainment overlay for learning foreign languages in video games”.

“The subject disclosure provides for systems and methods for an edutainment overlay for learning foreign languages in video games. In an aspect, an automated (e.g., artificial intelligence (AI)-driven) system may generate mini-puzzles from game content that challenges a player’s knowledge of a selected language,” reads the patent, which can be seen here.


These mini-games could include text-based challenges alongside visual puzzles “that challenge a player to find an object by its name in the foreign language in a current stop-frame.” The patent also covers players speaking various phrases, with the AI able to rate their pronunciation by tracking lip and tongue movement.

Dead Space Remake. CREDIT: EA Motive

The patent goes on to say EA’s edutainment overlay could pause a game after a dialogue-heavy section, then reveal a second language-focused mini-puzzle that “may ask the player to select the right article, suffix or a correct word from a list of several options, place words in the correct order.”

“Alternatively, an object in the scene may be selected, and the player may be asked to choose the correct word for the object in the foreign language.”

“The system may function like a dedicated language learning tool. For example, the content may be created automatically from the game assets, including localized dialog lines, object names and their tags in the game assets, existing dictionaries and automated translation systems, etc,” continued the patent.

FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.
FIFA 23. Credit: EA Sports.


The AI boom has been met with a mixed reception in recent months. Music fans have been creating their own Drake songs using an AI generator while David Guetta believes “the future of music is in AI” after he used the technology to add the “voice” of Eminem to a new song.

However Nick Cave has called ChatGPT and AI songwriting “a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human” while hundreds of visual artists have protested the use of art created using AI on professional portfolio site Artstation.

Earlier this week, a new Gran Turismo 7 update introduced a “superhuman AI” opponent to the racing game.

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