‘Elite Dangerous’ update concludes the Azimuth Saga

It also fixes a range of bugs and other issues

Update 13 for the ongoing space flight sim Elite Dangerous has been released, and it marks the conclusion of the Azimuth Saga storyline. 

The new update came with a narrative in-game footage trailer, as well as the expected patch notes that lay out all of the details. It’s worth noting that this update only applied to the PC versions of the game, with developer Frontier Developments announcing earlier this year that it would no longer be supporting console versions of the game.


The Elite Dangerous website reads, “Horizons and Odyssey currently exist as separate versions of the game: 3.8 and 4.0. The latter contains the foundational code which supports Odyssey content and a multitude of improvements added since Odyssey’s launch while the former does not.”

It continues to explain that in order to allow “as many players as possible to experience the new narrative and gameplay elements, we intend to give all PC players access to version 4.0” for free, however, the Odyssey upgrade will be optional.

Although this won’t be available at the moment of the update’s release – which is available now – the website clarifies: “This option is expected to come in the weeks following Update 13 with more details to be shared closer to the time.” There is also a table included highlighting which of the new updates are available in both versions, and which are specific to 4.0.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Credit: Frontier Developments

A substantial list of bugs have also been fixed across the board, including shadow flickering, ship kit pieces blocking weapon fire, and Guardian Sentinels not firing their missiles. Additionally, there have been tweaks to AI, multiplayer, audio, stability, and more.

In other news, Frontier Developments founder David Braben has stepped down as the CEO, and will be replaced by Johnny Watts, the current chief creative officer.

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