Epic Games Store achievements are now visible to other players

The store first added achievements in 2020

After adding achievements to select games in 2020, the Epic Game Store has finally been updated to include visible trophies for all to see through the “My Achievements” page.

In 2021 the achievements system fully launched, but you couldn’t share progress with your friends, or see one another’s achievements.

That’s no longer the case, thanks to an update that brings the Epic Games Store more in line with its competition, such as Valve’s Steam store, which introduced achievements back in 2007.


Epic Game Store achievements are now visible to other players
Epic Games Store achievements page. Credit: Epic Games.

Epic Games says you should think of this page as “your trophy case and friends hub in one,” and that you can “click the friends tab and visit a friend’s page to see their achievements and progress, too.”

Similar to how the PlayStation trophy system works, there is a “platinum” if you have unlocked every achievement for a game, but you can also see your total experience (XP) gained so far, as well as your achievement count, and platinum count.

“Digging a little deeper, the achievements tab will allow you to display progress on a game-by-game basis, listing the number of achievements you’ve unlocked, your latest one, and if you’ve made it to the platinum stage,” explains Epic Games.

You can change your privacy so that your XP, game stats, friends list, and achievements are hidden for friends-only, friends of friends, or even completely private to only you, if you so prefer.


Elsewhere, Epic says that ratings and polls are coming soon, and that they will “occasionally pop up in the launcher after you’ve played a game”. These are mostly going to be “yes or no” style questions related to the title you’ve just been playing.

Epic Game Store achievements are now visible to other players
The Epic Games Store’s privacy options. Credit: Epic Games.

However, there will be multiple choice questions like “how challenging is this game?” as well, and these are all going to be used to help inform players of the content within a game, to eventually provide an overall community rating.

Lastly, Epic says there is a notification centre coming soon, which will mean that pop-ups will appear in separate places within the launcher. This will start with social updates and wishlist notifications, though no date has been given for when these “coming soon” features will start to appear.

In other news, Battlefield 2042 is getting major changes to its maps and vehicle setups, as well as line of sight and cover options within specific maps.

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