Epic Games Store is adding achievements starting next week

Epic Achievements offer a new way to celebrate success

Epic Games is adding achievements to select games on the Epic Games Store, with development tools rolling out to others over time.

Epic Games Store users will find that some of their games have been updated with new achievements for them to collect. While the first wave of games may be small, the tools will soon be available for all developers to add achievements if they want.

The system appears to behave as a merger of Xbox’s Gamerscore and PlayStation’s trophy system. Epic Achievements are sorted into four categories based on how much XP they are worth. The tier list is below:

  • Bronze = 5-45 XP
  • Silver = 50-95 XP
  • Gold = 100-200 XP
  • Platinum = 250 XP

The platinum achievement is earned once a player has obtained 1000xp from a game.

The first games to receive these achievements are Rocket League, Hades, Pillars Of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4, Alan Wake Remastered, and others.

Alan Wake Remastered
Alan Wake Remastered. Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

A new page will be added to games that support Epic Achievements. The Achievements detail page will allow users to track and share their progress. The page will also outline all of the Epic Achievements available in the selected game. This information will also be available on the store page.

Epic tease that there might be more to do with your XP in the announcement post, saying, “Keep your eyes out for more updates you’ve been waiting for as we drop new social features and player rewards later this year.”

Achievements first appeared in the Epic Games Store about a year ago when some developers could add them to their games. Those achievements will still be staying, though under the new name “developer achievements”.


Players who have already collected developer achievements don’t need to worry as they will still be available to collect. If a developer chooses to add Epic Achievements to their game, developer achievements will be integrated across and no progress will be lost.

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