Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney hails Steam Deck as an “amazing move”

Valve's latest console has received praise from a big competitor

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, has shared his own excitement following the announcement of Valve‘s Steam Deck console.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (July 15), Sweeney shared the Steam Deck announcement to his own page with some positive words.

Describing it as an “amazing move” by Valve, Sweeney seemed particularly excited by the “open platform where users are free to install software o[f] their choosing”.


Predictably, he mentions that users can choose to download “Windows or other stores”, which likely suggests that his own site – the Epic Games Store – will be available on the platform despite being Steam‘s main PC storefront competitor.

Although he may be thrilled with Valve’s announcement, Sweeney notes that Epic Games has no such plans.

When asked on Twitter why Epic Games doesn’t make their own Linux based OS, Sweeney answered “Valve has chosen to do this and it’s great work, but our princess is in another castle.”

Since being announced yesterday, the Steam Deck has been generating considerable excitement in the wider community.

The Steam Deck is a handheld console designed to allow owners to play their PC games on the move. The Switch-like console brings significant hardware that should allow it to run “the latest AAA games” and will launch with users’ existing Steam libraries available.


Slated for a December 2021 release, the Steam Deck has three models available to preorder later today. The 64 GB model is £349, while larger models will be priced at £459 and £569 respectively.

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