‘Escape From Tarkov’ bans more items from the Flea Market

Killa's armour now needs to be found on the man himself

Battlestate Games has banned even more items from the Flea Market in Escape From Tarkov, making it even harder for players to access high-end gear without acquiring it from a raid.

As more players start to unlock the Flea Market – which is now available at level 15 – Battlestate Games has removed additional high-value items from the player-led trading market.

Yesterday (December 20) a number of armour sets were removed from the Flea Market. This includes the armour of Scav bosses Killa and Tagilla, as well as the AVS armour rig.


Outside of armour, the Thicc item case has also been restricted, meaning players cannot buy or sell it on the Flea Market.

These changes follow an initial wave of items that were banned with patch 12.12. The much larger first list of banned items primarily removed high-tier ammo, armour and other gear from being traded on the market. For a full list, here’s every item banned from the Flea Market.

Escape From Tarkov Killa
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

It’s likely that Battlestate Games is aiming to slow down the progression of players in the wipe and make it harder for individuals to gear up in end-game equipment too quickly. This means that players must actually find the gear in-raid, as opposed to simply buying it for in-game currency.

This also counteracts another change in patch 12.12, which brought the required level for the Flea Market down to 15 from the previously-required 20. By banning powerful items from the Flea Market, this means that players aren’t simply gaining access to end-game gear five levels early.

For anyone joining the wipe late, patch 12.12 added a whole new map, voice chat, an inertia rework and even more.


In other news, Ready Or Not developer Void Interactive has parted ways with publisher Team17, on the same day that it announced plans for a level involving a school shooting.