‘Escape From Tarkov’ boss Killa can now spawn all over Interchange

Can you kill Killa before Killa kills you?

Following player feedback, Battlestate Games has changed the spawn locations for Killa, a Scav Boss located on the Interchange map.

While Killa used to spawn exclusively around Kiba Arms – a high-value shop that players often target for looting – an unannounced change means that the challenging Scav boss can now appear in multiple locations across Interchange.

As documented on Reddit, Killa can now spawn in the three main shops of the mall – namely Idea, Oli and Goshan – as well as in the underground car parks beneath each location. As well as these specific locations, Killa has a chance to spawn in various locations across the second floor of Interchange.


Escape From Tarkov Killa
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

The change, made without an announcement, swiftly follows player feedback that the Interchange meta – which was a PMC rush to kill Killa at his one designated spot – was leading to a disappointing raid for everyone else.

Now that Killa is more unpredictable, Escape From Tarkov players will have a much tougher time in hunting him down, as his new spawns are scattered all over the map and therefore impossible to rush with one defined route.

The change will likely make Killa a little bit more dangerous, as the heavily armoured boss will now have the element of surprise over players who aren’t expecting him to appear in totally new places, including the poorly lit underground car park.

This month, Escape From Tarkov has been busily addressing player feedback with a more transparent Fence reputation system and easier ways to improve standing with Fence. In terms of balance, a recent patch has also reworked armour effectiveness to make cheaper ammo do more blunt damage.


In other news, stylish martial arts adventure Sifu will launch in February 2022, following a young Kung Fu student who is hunting down his family’s murderers.