‘Escape From Tarkov’ developer bans 9000 cheaters in one day

BattlEye strikes again

Battlestate Games has confirmed it has banned 9000 Escape From Tarkov cheaters in a single day

Lead developer Nikita Buyanov announced on Twitter that “we constantly commence ban waves of cheaters. But yesterday, there was a wave that I want to note – minus 9000 cheaters.” The bans come shortly after the announcement of the Lighthouse expansion.

One Twitter user asked if Battlestate Games used IP bans to ensure that those caught breaking the rules would be unable to play even if they created an entirely fresh account. “Yes, and not only,” replied Buyanov, suggesting that Battlestate also employ other techniques to keep cheaters out of Escape From Tarkov.


Earlier this month, Battlestate Games shared details of a new update that would include new weapons, DLSS support, and a new boss. The guns being added are the Chiappa Rhino and the flaregun. The latter will allow players to call in a supply drop for some guaranteed loot. However, the plane that comes in to drop off the supplies will dump flares as it reaches the drop location. Players hoping to make the most of the loot will want to quickly get out of the area, as others will surely descend on the highly announced drop.

The Chiappa Rhino is a new revolver that will come in multiple calibres and barrel lengths. The smallest version will be capable of fitting into a 1×1 inventory slot, allowing players to carry it in a vest or pocket. A speed loader will also be available to allow for quicker reloads.

DLSS will be coming to Escape From Tarkov soon, though it is unclear if it will release at the same time as the next major update.

In other news, Crytek has issued an apology after issues with Hunt: Showdown‘s latest in-game event.

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