‘Escape From Tarkov’ director shares news on Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov

Panic on the Streets Of Tarkov

Battlestate Games COO and Escape From Tarkov director Nikita Buyanov has opened up about what fans can expect from the next two maps – Lighthouse and Streets Of Tarkov –  and more.

Speaking on Twitch channel DTFru, Buyanov discussed plenty of details on what will be included in Lighthouse and Streets Of Tarkov, as well as some wider changes coming to the game. While the stream is in Russian, Reddit user Darth_Snickers has helpfully translated some key information into English.

In regards to Lighthouse – the next map to join Escape From Tarkov – Buyanov clarifies that the team at Battlestate Games is aiming to release it this year. The map will be covered in “rough terrain” and be around half the size of Shoreline. Despite being smaller, Lighthouse looks set to be even more dangerous than Sanitar’s stomping grounds, as it will include four bosses and new enemies.


After previously mentioning that Lighthouse will include an in-raid trader that will prove hard to get to, Buyanov has clarified that he will not be immediately available at launch.

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated Streets Of Tarkov is set for release next year and will be as large as every other map in Escape From Tarkov combined. While Buyanov notes that everything he mentions is subject to change as Streets continues development, he believes the raid will be much longer than previous raid timers and PMCs can expect to spend hours there.

Unlike other raids, PMCs can spawn at different points in the raid, as opposed to every PMC spawning at once at the start. Discussing Streets Of Tarkov’s much larger scope, Buyanov hopes that it will be a big step toward achieving the open-world interconnection that he wants the end product of Escape From Tarkov to include.

Outside of the next two maps, Buyanov has shared small details on a bunch of other changes – including improvements to the much-criticized anti-cheat software used by Battlestate Games. Future versions of the anti-cheat will better detect “strange behaviour” such as suspected real money trading and blatant aim hacks, though Battlestate Games is reluctant to use a more invasive anti-cheat software such as the one used in Valorant.

Last week, a roadmap was shared with fans to detail what new content would release across the next few patches.


Finally, players can expect a bounty-hunting system that targets low-karma players, potential buffs to sniper rifles and slightly reworked medical mechanics.

In other news, a news channel has incorrectly reported Arma 3 gameplay as real-life footage claiming to show Pakistan’s air force supporting the Taliban in combat.