‘Escape From Tarkov’ DLSS coming as soon as next week

The Chiappa Rhino, flare gun, and new trader are on the way

Battlestate Games has shared a new look at DLSS support in Escape From Tarkov with a tentative release window.

During the latest Tarkov TV podcast, Battlestate Games shared details on the next major update to Escape From Tarkov, including DLSS support, crafting item changes, new weapons, and the Lighthouse update, complete with a new boss.

DLSS will come with several presets, including quality, balanced, and performance. Each of these modes requires an Nvidia RTX graphics card but will allow players to tweak their game further to achieve a high frame rate without compromising graphical quality.


Players will also gain access to a flare gun. The tool allows players to call in one of Escape From Tarkov’s airdrops for a quick injection of loot. However, the plane is noisy and dumps several flares near the drop location, meaning players are likely to descend rapidly on any drop location.

The Chiappa Rhino is also coming to Escape From Tarkov. The weapon will be available in different barrel lengths and calibres. There will be a speed loader available to speed up the reload as well. Most notably, a version of the Rhino only takes up a 1×1 slot in the player inventory, allowing for a pistol to be carried in a vest.

Escape From Trakov’s Lighthouse area will see some improvements, too. Players will now be able to face a new boss at the location, who is a sniper that will focus on hitting players’ limbs. Those who do make their way into the lighthouse can also track down a trader called the Lightkeeper. However, this trader will require players to have their barter items on their person to make trades.

Finally, some items will be required to craft in the hideout. These will not be consumed during the crafting and include common items such as screwdrivers and lighters. However, these items will become rarer. Repair kits will also be added, allowing players to fix their weapons or armour without paying a trader.

While there is no date for the content side of the update, it appears DLSS could be coming next week or the week after.


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