‘Escape from Tarkov’ goes down for maintenance to add a new patch

Here's why Escape From Tarkov is down

Escape from Tarkov servers will be down for approximately four hours of maintenance so that Battlestate Games can implement a new patch, with the work planned for 7:00 AM GMT on November 10.

In a tweet posted by Battlestate Games, they announced: “Tomorrow, November 10, at 10:00 MSK we are planning to install patch The installation will take approximately four hours but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period”.


If all goes well, Escape From Tarkov should be back up by 11 AM GMT.

The contents of the patch are currently unknown, but many in the community are suggesting that this patch could bring support for Nvidia‘s DLSS (deep learning super sampling) feature, which improves performance by running a game at a less intensive resolution while upscaling it to look the same.

An Escape From Tarkov roadmap posted back in September suggests that this could be the case, as a Unity 2019 migration and DLSS support was slated for patch 0.12.11. The development team has been steadily ticking off other content listed on the roadmap, with randomised daily tasks being added to the game in October.

These daily ‘operation tasks’ give players objectives such as extracting from certain maps, retrieving particular items or killing NPC Scavs or other players in a precise manner.

After the current 0.12.11 patch cycle, there’s lots of content on the horizon for Escape From Tarkov fans. The next major patch – 0.12.12 – will apparently deliver in-game voice chat, an inertia rework, and an all-new map called Lighthouse.


In other news, an Elder Scrolls Online player and Harry Potter fan has rebuilt the entirety of Diagon Alley in the MMO, using nothing more than regular furniture and house editing tools available in the game. The recreation of Diagon Alley is extremely detailed, and hosts a number of recognisable buildings from the movies and books.