‘Escape From Tarkov’ is getting another event – this time it involves keys

A key change over last week's dehydration event

Escape From Tarkov has started the new wipe with a series of broad changes, but one of the most interesting is the new set of limited-time events.

After last week’s in-game heatwave made water prices skyrocket and dehydration a risk for characters in the game, this week’s event seems to cryptically suggest that there could be a problem with keys and traders.

A tweet posted by Battlestate Games in Russian seems to suggest that traders in Escape From Tarkov are no longer buying keys for good money.


Translated by Twitter user BakeeZy, this says:

“Recently 4 of our guys got shot. We were going to ‘Kosoy’ at that time
Do you want to meet and discuss it?”

“For sure! 18:00 At our place”

“Hey, do you know anything about what’s happening? All the traders are purchasing keys for less money, looks like they have their own people bringing them keys. I recently got a bunch of keys from the military base and didn’t even get a few AKs for that. Maybe you know what is up, you are closer with them. ps. Was a good time with “Kaban” (boar)”

Developers Battlestate Games teased several of these events at the end of Escape From Tarkov‘s last wipe: a thick fog made long-distance shooting next to impossible, followed by an event that took away every player’s secure container, meaning there wasn’t a way to ensure extraction with loot.


However, as each wipe in Tarkov resets everyone’s quest progress, items accumulated and skills, it’s not uncommon to see a wave of odd occurrences as Battlestate prepares to reset everything. However, after an event last week and what seems to be an event being teased for this weekend, it appears Tarkov players will have to expect even more events.

In other Escape From Tarkov news, changes to in-game vendors and the introduction of cheaper stash (inventory) upgrades has made things a little easier for low-level players.