‘Escape From Tarkov’ is killing players in just 7 minutes ahead of wipe

Days before 'Escape From Tarkov' is set to wipe, Battlestate Games has introduced the game's biggest event yet

Escape From Tarkov has been updated with the biggest pre-wipe event in the shooter’s history, with a biohazard killing players in just seven minutes unless they find an antidote in-raid.

Developer Battlestate Games launched the event yesterday (June 27), and announced it with two Twitter posts. The first warns that a biological hazard is in effect while the second, translated by Twitter user Bakeezy, outlines how the event works – and how players can survive it.

“Going into the raid, remember that you [are] biologically infected. Toxin can cause lethal damage and kill a person in seven-eight minutes. Monitor the situation in the “health” tab,” says the memo posted by Battlestate Games.


The post also notes that antidotes (XTG-12) will be delivered into raids via air drops, however it can also be found on Scavs or Scav bosses. Finally, all extracts will be closed at the start of every raid, with just one exit point opening later into each raid.

Although the biohazard is the leading feature of this event, other changes are also worth noting: every Scav boss can now be found on any map in Tarkov, and players have been given unlimited stamina to help find antidotes in time.

Battlestate Games has released several pre-wipe events over the last week, but this is the most game-changing event the studio has ever released as it fundamentally changes the nature of each raid.

It’s likely that players will only have a day or two to enjoy this event, as Battlestate Games has repeatedly teased that Escape From Tarkov will wipe on Thursday (June 30).

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