‘Escape From Tarkov’ is offering some valuable gifts for you to claim

The New Year's present includes an MK17, an ammo case, and more

To celebrate the festive season, Battlestate Games is handing out a generous New Year’s present for players in Escape From Tarkov – here’s how to claim it.

As is holiday tradition with Escape From Tarkov, a New Year’s present is now available for players to claim. Although Battlestate Games says it’s a “small New Year’s present”, the items included are actually incredibly valuable – especially because many players might not have unlocked the Flea Market to buy them just yet.

To claim your Escape From Tarkov New Year’s present, visit your profile page on the game’s site. Once you’ve logged in and can see your profile, scroll down and there’s a small photo of a festive set of gear and an attachment icon. Click the attachment icon, and your New Year’s present will automatically be sent to you.


With your gift redeemed, all that’s left is actually logging on to put it to use. Open up Escape From Tarkov and you should have a System message in the same box you’d receive insurance and rewards from traders. Open up the attached goods and move everything inside over to your stash inventory, and you’ll now have your New Year’s gift received and ready to either sell or put to use.

Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

The following items are included in the New Year’s present:

  • A decked-out MK-17 rifle with five mags
  • Ammo Box
  • Six RGN impact grenades
  • Fake White Beard
  • 120 M80 rounds
  • Three Model 7290 flash bang grenades
  • Keycard holder case

In other Escape From Tarkov news, the game has finally added a gas analyser craft to the hideout. Although it takes a hefty 17 hours to craft, the option will be welcomed by players who have been hunting for the elusive item since patch 12.12 arrived.

Elsewhere, Yoko Taro and the NieR team have shared a holiday greeting where they discuss plans for the series and a world tour.