‘Escape From Tarkov’ makes a big change to one of its toughest quests

It's music to players' ears

Escape From Tarkov players have been happy to discover that the “A Shooter Born In Heaven” quest has dropped its distance requirement.

Per patch 0.13.5, the quest now requires players to eliminate five PMC (private military contractor) enemies with a bolt-action rifle across the maps Customs, Factory, Interchange, Lighthouse, Reserve, Shoreline, Woods and Streets Of Tarkov. That last map was expanded in the latest update of the game and added a boss that will be found at the heavily-fortified car repair shop in Streets Of Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov patches wipe all players’ progress in the shooter, causing them to start from scratch on the game’s range of quests. Yet, the community noticed that they are not obliged to eliminate enemies at a specific distance any more.


In its first iteration, the trader task asked players to eliminate three PMC (private military contractor) enemies at a minimum distance of 100 metres. Across the maps Customs, Reserve, Shoreline and Woods, players were able to share their spots for securing progress on this particular quest.

‘Escape From Tarkov’ Credit: Battlestate Games

Then, Escape From Tarkov changed the minimum distance from 100 metres to 125 metres and added Lighthouse to the mix, making those guides moot.

“A Shooter Born in Heaven” became one of the most irritating quests due to these changes as not all players find long range weapons fun or straightforward to use. Moreover, it wasn’t the friendliest quest for new players because they would not have the level of knowledge that was necessary for the distance constraint to be considered in their games.

While players will have to eliminate a total of 40 enemies with the bolt-action rifle across the eight maps, the fact there is no longer an extra factor to consider when fulfilling these tasks is music to their ears.

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