‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch 13.0 launches with Streets of Tarkov and a wipe

It's a major update for 'Tarkov'

Battlestate Games is currently installing Escape From Tarkov patch 0.13, bringing the long-awaited progression wipe in addition to several new weapons, the Streets of Tarkov map, several new stims and even a crafting and repairing function that will allow players to apply enhancements to their gear using repair kits.

The headline addition is the first part of Streets of Tarkov, an urban map that promises to be one of the largest in Escape From Tarkov. From a lore standpoint, Tarkov is the city of the game’s standpoint and it’s here that clashes between USEC and BEAR forces first blew up, creating the dystopian setting of the game. This isn’t the entire map, but a first iteration. This is similar to what we saw with the addition of the Lighthouse map added late last year.

For now, the map contains “part of the city of Tarkov, located at the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. This part of the location contains an abandoned factory, Pinewood Hotel, news agency building, Concordia residential complex, car dealership, Terracot Business Center, cinema, Sparzha supermarket, and other objects of urban infrastructure.”


Elsewhere there’s the addition of 40mm grenade launchers that can be used as an underbarrel. Currently, there is just one grenade launcher in the game and it’s a standalone unit that is a rare item and rarely seen. Whether these will be used more as they can be attached to weapons is uncertain, but they will probably still be tough to acquire due to their relative power.

The Steyr Aug A1 and A3 have also been added, two 5.56 caliber assault rifles with a host of different magazines and attachments. There’s also the Glock 19X pistol – another 9mm handgun – the RSH-12 revolver, which uses the same rounds as the ASH-12 assault rifle, and the SR-2M submachine gun.

In addition, repair kits will now allow people to add enhancements to weapons and armour, which is tied in to the weapon maintenance skill in addition to the new light armour and heavy armour skills. There are also five new stims, although their exact use has not yet been revealed.

Escape From Tarkov will be playable again in the next few hours with the additional content.

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