‘Escape From Tarkov’ players might have to start paying for some maps as DLC, says creator

Plus, further news on the Lighthouse map

During a recent Q&A livestream, Battlestate Games has confirmed that the maps Suburbs and Town will be released as DLC (downloadable content) for Escape From Tarkov.

During the livestream last night (July 5), game director Nikita Buyanov confirmed that the maps Suburbs and Town will be released as DLC further down the line. He further notes that outside of the upcoming maps Lighthouse, Streets of Tarkov and Terminal, everything else will be paid DLC.

You can view Buyanov’s comments on the maps in the clip below.


‘Edge of Darkness’ owners will likely receive these maps for free, as the limited edition version includes “Free access to all subsequent DLCs (Season Pass)” upon purchase.

The FAQ, which lasted around an hour and a half, was summarised by a moderator on the Escape From Tarkov subreddit.

During the stream, Buyanov also touched on a variety of planned features for Escape From Tarkov. This includes inertia and sound updates, which are currently aiming for a patch 12.12 release.

More details on the upcoming Lighthouse map have also been revealed, including the existence of a physical trader that players will need to visit to do business with. Buyanov comments that as well as being physically located there, he will be “very difficult” to get to and will have a sniper guarding him.


Battlestate Games will also continue to work on the Scav karma system, which debuted in patch 12.11. While it has already been updated to make it fairer, Buyanov adds that they will “probably” make Scavs look different based on their karma standing.

An option for players to incrementally contribute to hideout upgrades is already planned. The team is also migrating Escape From Tarkov to Unity 2019, which is currently aiming to release this summer.

In other news, Nintendo is currently seeking an injunction against a ROM site owner after he failed to produce a payment toward damages.