‘Escape From Tarkov’ prepares for a wipe with chaotic boss event

The 'Escape From Tarkov' pre-wipe events are officially upon us

Escape From Tarkov looks all but certain to wipe in the coming weeks, as Battlestate Games has implemented the first pre-wipe event.

The Escape From Tarkov community has noticed that bosses in the game – while usually restricted to one map – are starting to appear across the world. One player highlighted instances of Reshala taking over the map Reserve, while his own map – Customs – is now plagued by Sanitar. From the data this player has provided, it seems like every boss in the game has received a re-shuffle in location.

Some players report being warned about the boss movement by Skier, an in-game trader in Escape From Tarkov, with the following message:


“Hello, soldier boy, I’ve got news for you. As always, not a word to anyone, I’m only telling you this because you’re my most beloved worker, he-he. So, our local kingpins are preparing for some sort of a meeting, judging by their behaviour. My mates say they’re switching places with each other, like on some sort of night watch. So you better be alert, keep your eyes open when strolling around their places. If you get into trouble, do not blame me.”

Escape From Tarkov Killa
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

The event makes roaming the maps of Escape From Tarkov particularly difficult, as each boss brings different weapons and armours that can very easily catch an unsuspecting player off-guard.

It follows speculation that Escape From Tarkov will wipe on December 12, after Battlestate Games said “you already know when the [patch] 12.12 release will be”.

If last wipe’s events are anything to go by, fans can expect a hectic few weeks as the natural order of the game is thrown on its head.


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