‘Escape From Tarkov’ roadmap shares when to expect Lighthouse, daily quests, VOIP and more

Expect a new map, daily quests, in-game voice chat and a revamped anticheat system

Nikita Buyanov, COO of Battlestate Games, has outlined a rough roadmap with some major content updates for Escape From Tarkov over the coming months.

In a status report posted yesterday (September 4), Buyanov shed light on “what is going on and what we are focused on right now” within the development team at Battlestate Games.

Within the current patch cycle – 12.11 – the team hopes to introduce an “intermediate patch” that will specifically aim to optimize the game and fix up some outstanding bugs. Later on, the long-awaited Unity 2019 migration and DLSS support should – if everything goes smoothly – arrive on the same cycle.


The biggest update, slated for patch 12.12, currently aims to deliver the largest slice of content on the status report. This includes the release of Lighthouse, an all new map to raid which Buyanov previously shared will include a physical trader guarded by a sniper.

Patch 12.12 will also include daily quests, inertia (a rework to the movement system) and in-game VOIP support, meaning players will be able to speak with fellow PMCs and Player Scavs. Buyanov adds that further in with patch 12.12.5, there will be lots of “QoL [quality of life] improvements and additions”.

Though posted without a specified patch, Escape From Tarkov fans can also expect “3 new modules to [the] anticheat system to increase AC reaction time and overall cheat detection speed”, addressing a hot topic in the community regarding the prevalence of cheating within the game.

Following up on the subject, the Battlestate Games COO admits that “it’s a hot topic right now, although we [made] great progress on this issue for the last weeks, the war is not over”.


Before signing off on behalf of the Escape From Tarkov development team, the post mentions that the next four months “will be pretty hard and important” in delivering new content, and that “action speaks louder than words” in regards to actually adding the listed content.

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