‘Escape From Tarkov’ servers taken down to prepare for the next patch

Patch mostly focuses on fixing bugs and performance issues

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has confirmed that servers for the game will be offline for some time today, in order for the studio to implement patch

As announced earlier today (February 22), Escape From Tarkov servers will be down for “approximately 4 hours,” however Battlestate Games notes that this downtime “may be extended if required”.

Anyone who tries to log in during this time will get an error message that says “user action required. The game cannot be started. Please try again later.”


Though patch isn’t available just yet, Battlestate Games has shared what changes fans can expect when it goes live.

This includes fixes for performance issues related to the game’s interfaces outside of raids – including the Flea Market, stash, and tasks screen. Similarly, “various client optimizations have been made”.

When handing in an item to complete a task or use in the hideout, the game will now prevent you from handing it over if it’s a container with any items inside. This will stop players from accidentally handing over extra items by mistake.

Beyond that, patch mostly consists of fixing bugs across Escape From Tarkov. This includes fixing indoor rain, infinite loading screens for Scav runs, and an issue that was causing shotguns to deal no damage.

There’s also some changes to how NPC Scavs will behave – Battlestate Games has “changed the conditions under which Scav bots took a prone position when engaging a player,” and they will now equip guns they loot on their backs instead of in their backpacks. Additionally, NPC Scavs at Lighthouse will no longer be able to walk through the train, and across all maps Scavs will stop sliding in place when they try to move.


The Escape From Tarkov patch brings some other small bug fixes, which you can read about on Battlestate Games’ Twitter account.

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