‘Escape From Tarkov’ teases Streets Of Tarkov expansion with new images

A future update could introduce a school to the Streets map

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has teased an expansion to the hardcore shooter’s Streets Of Tarkov map, which was partially released at the end of 2022.

In a tweet posted yesterday (March 30), Battlestate Games shared four screenshots taken from an upcoming map expansion to Streets Of Tarkov.

Two of the screenshots appear to show a classroom and gym from a school, while the third image is an exterior shot of an alleyway. Finally, the fourth image shows a high-end office that appears to have been left untouched by Tarkov’s war between BEAR and USEC operatives.


You can check out the images below:

While Streets Of Tarkov launched with patch 13 in December 2022, Battlestate Games confirmed at the time that it was only “the first part” of the map, with the studio planning to release expansions for the city at a later date.

Battlestate Games has previously stated that Streets Of Tarkov will be the game’s largest map, outranking the likes of Woods and Shoreline.

NME described Streets Of Tarkov as a “brilliant new battleground” for the game when it launched, and suggested Tarkov “could well have some of the best maps” in gaming.

Escape From Tarkov Streets of Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov Streets of Tarkov collapsed crane extract


In other Tarkov news, this month Battlestate Games made following the rules as a Scav character much more rewarding.

Following last week’s patch, Fence now offers better gear and faster inventory restocks to players who improve their reputation with him. That’s done by extracting as Scavs, using cooperative extraction points, and killing players who have murdered fellow Scavs.

It’s been a busy month for Tarkov, as Battlestate Games also removed barter trades from the Flea Market and made the shooter’s cultist enemies more prevalent during night raids.

In other gaming news, the BAFTA Games Awards were last night (March 30) — here are the games that took home trophies.

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