‘Escape From Tarkov’ allows players unrestricted Lab access ahead of wipe

The pre-wipe chaos continues

In the latest pre-wipe event for Escape from Tarkov, the Lab will no longer require a keycard to access.

Battlestate Games tweeted a teaser video on June 25, announcing the latest pre-wipe event for the game. In the video, two individuals are bemoaning the failure of the lab’s security system. After this, another audio file from two hours later plays before the dialogue is cut off by gunshots.


The Lab is a secret facility underneath Tarkov that can contain some of the highest-tier loot in the game. Normally, a raid group would require several hard-to-find keycards to access the entirety of the Lab. However, it would appear that the security system in the Lab has now failed, making it a free-for-all. Judging from the teaser, the Scav Raiders will likely still be a factor in the area.

This is just the latest of several ongoing pre-wipe events. For example, the Obdolbos Cocktail Injector has been changed, providing much stronger boosts but with the caveat that the player has a five per cent chance of instantly dying upon injection. Or there’s the fact that every Scav boss is now appearing in Customs. You can also no longer buy items off traders with money, as only their bartering systems are available.

The date of the Escape from Tarkov wipe is still not officially announced, but players believe the 3006 damage done to the player via the Obdolbos Cocktail Injector is a hint that the wipe will be occurring on June 30. This likely means the daily pre-wipe events will continue until the new patch arrives.

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