‘Escape From Tarkov’ will launch Streets Of Tarkov this year – with “at least” 30-player raids

"The main challenge right now is to make it playable in terms of performance"

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has confirmed that Streets Of Tarkov’s “first iteration” will be launched later this year, and will feature raids with 30 to 40 players (PMCs).

Speaking on the latest episode of TarkovTV Live yesterday (August 11), Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov shared that the studio wants to make “the first iteration of [Streets] playable this year,” and it will be released in patch 0.13.

“It will not be the whole planned chunk of the city, it will just be some area,” clarified Buyanov, before adding that “it still will be really big in terms of different buildings, exploration and everything – and it will be constantly updated and expanded to the final [version].”


Battlestate Games has also shared several new screenshots for Streets of Tarkov, which you can see below:

Buyanov went on to say that due to the planned scale of Streets, Battlestate Games’ main objective was to ensure it runs well.

“The main challenge right now is to make it playable in terms of performance and in terms of network performance because as I promised before, it must be playable with at least 30 or 40 PMCs and a lot of Scavs [and] bosses,” shared Buyanov.

Currently, no map in Escape From Tarkov includes anything close to 30-player raids. Due to this, Buyanov has acknowledged that “there is a really big task related to networking,” and a “bigger task [is] to optimise it and make it playable on current configurations.”

Besides discussing Streets, Buyanov also outlined seperate plans for Escape From Tarkov‘s future. This includes a major update to the game’s audio and storyline, an expansion to hideouts, and a rework to several existing skills.


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