‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe could be coming soon, teases devs

Battlestate Games says players "already know" when the next patch is coming

Battlestate Games has teased that players “already know” when the next Escape From Tarkov patch will be released and has clarified that the next wipe will be with patch 12.12.

As the next Escape From Tarkov wipe – and the release of patch 12.12 – seems to draw closer, Battlestate Games has started teasing fans with the exact wipe date.

When asked for a specific date for patch 12.12, the official Escape From Tarkov Instagram posted an image stating, “you already know when the 12.12 release will be”. This is significant because, following comments from Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov, patch 12.12 will be launched with a complete wipe.


While some people think this means that patch 12.12 and the next Escape From Tarkov wipe will be – quite literally – on December 12, others in the community have pointed to a more elaborate message.

As reported by Tarkov News, one popular theory is that Escape From Tarkov will wipe on December 23. This is because before sharing the cryptic message, Escape From Tarkov posted the above image, which seems to show another glimpse of an upcoming map, Lighthouse.

Within this image, fans have found that zooming in on a wristwatch reveals the number 23 as a date. Escape From Tarkov wiping on December 23 would make sense, as the last winter wipe was carried out on December 24.

Back in September, Battlestate Games shared a rough roadmap on what to expect from patch 12.12. While much of it has already made its way to the game, other features – including voice chat and an inertia rework – are still set for a 12.12 release.

The studio has also teased a first glimpse at the Lighthouse map with several images, which is similarly aiming to join the game in patch 12.12.


In other news, 343 Industries is “re-evaluating” a vanilla Slayer playlist in Halo Infinite, following repeated calls from the community to add one.

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