‘Evercore Heroes’ closed beta begins next month

Two brand-new trailers have debuted 'Evercore Heroes'' PvE gameplay

Vela Games has shared two brand-new trailers for its competitive multiplayer game Evercore Heroes, alongside a closed beta announcement.

The Evercore Heroes closed beta will begin next month (June 20) for PC. Players will be given the chance to secure a spot by purchasing the Evercore Heroes Founder’s Pack, which includes additional keys to share with friends, exclusive content, a battle pass that never expires, and more.

The developer has confirmed that any player progress made during the closed beta, including purchases and items earned, will carry over to the final free-to-play version of the game when it officially launches.


You can check out the gameplay trailer for Evercore Heroes below, which showcases head-to-head combat between four teams, a look at the map, and the game’s heroes.

The roster includes Grayce, a deadly dancer who moves with beauty and precision; Skye, a young but fearless weather mage from the high tech region of Bios; and Sydian, a corrupted Faede who channels chaotic Luum through his own body, and more.

Vela Games CEO and co-founder Travis George explains that “Evercore Heroes is not a MOBA, it’s not an MMO, it’s not a loot grind. We are creating a brand new Competitive PVE experience that combines deep mastery with a focus on cooperative teamplay, in a competitive format. We think fans of both PVE and PVP will enjoy Evercore Heroes, which ultimately belongs to a genre all of its own.

“Since our successful announcement and Pre-Alpha testing with players last year, our passionate team at Vela has been working hard to make Evercore Heroes the best game it can be,” George added. “We are so excited for more people to play the game for themselves, to give us feedback, and continue helping us make the game even better ahead of launch.”

Evercore Heroes was announced last year by veterans behind some of the biggest online competitive games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and more. An official release date has yet to be announced.


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