‘Evercore Heroes’ is a new competitive multiplayer game from ex-Riot devs

A playtest will run this weekend

Vela Games has revealed its debut title, Evercore Heroes, which is a competitive player versus environment (PvE) game where the goal is to become the world’s best team of heroes.

The game is set in the science fantasy world of Lumerea, and combines real-time skill-based teamwork with adventurous co-operative combat. The trailer was released today (October 11) and shows a multitude of heroes showing off a variety of intricate weapons and abilities whilst traversing the world before coming together and facing an intimidating ice-hurling ogre.

Vela Games CEO and co-founder, Travis George, said “Our goal has always been to make the game players really want, even it it means breaking the mould,” he then went on to say that with Evercore Heroes, Vela is building a “unique” multiplayer game that brings skill-based co-op and competitive play together in a “fresh new way”.


Early testing has been underway for over two years, and George says that the feedback from those sessions has been “great”. “We’re ecstatic to finally share the game with the world,” he concluded.

This weekend (13-16 October) there will be a playtest for Evercore Heroes which anyone interested can sign up for via the game’s website or official Discord server. Vela says that anyone signing up to the Discord will “increase” their chances of being selected for the exclusive playtest.

George added that player tests are the key to ensuring that gameplay feels rewarding, is skillful, “but most importantly […] a positive experience for all our players”. He went on to confirm that players providing feedback during these play tests will be actively “shaping the future” of the game.

Gameplay in Evercore Heroes will consist of four teams of four players who compete simultaneously in session-based PvE “experiences”. In order to win, players need to power up their heroes, charge their evercore and defeat a dangerous boss. The best teams will find “the right composition and strategy” in order to defeat their boss quickly and efficiently whilst making the task at hand more difficult for their opposition.

The Vale Games developer team consists of experienced staff from the likes of Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainment. The team combined have decades of experience in building multiplayer games “experienced by hundreds of millions of players around the world,” and it seems from the game’s official Discord server that there are already many players eager to see what they’ve put together with Evercore Heroes.


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