‘Evolve: Stage 2’ is back from the dead as peer-to-peer servers come back online

Fans no longer need to only enjoy the game offline

Evolve: Stage 2 had its multiplayer servers shut down back in 2018, but today players are once again able to matchmake and join peer-to-peer multiplayer games.

Several months ago, peer-to-peer functionality was lost for Evolve Legacy, which was the only way fans of the series could play with friends. Upon a multitude of players reaching out to publisher 2K, the issue was eventually fixed earlier in July. It seems 2K have gone a step further now, and reinstated peer-to-peer and matchmaking functionality for Evolve: Stage 2 after four years.

A dedicated Discord server for Evolve, run by fans of the game, had been in contact with 2K regarding the Evolve Legacy functionality being lost for some time. Following 2K’s acknowledgement of the issue and subsequent fix being issued, it seems to have gone the extra mile and reinstated online services to Evolve: Stage 2.


On June 22, an update was posted to the Discord which read “Evolve: Stage 2 now has an online peer-to-peer server again!” and continues to credit its members, stating: “Thanks to you, we are reviving this unique gaming experience!”

Evolve: Stage 2.
Evolve: Stage 2. Credit: 2K, Turtle Rock Studios

Alongside the ability to play online again, players are reporting that drop crates are working and rewarding skins. Exclusive to the Co-op Hunt mode, these crates have been missing from the game since the servers were shut down in 2018, and drop rare skins that have never appeared in the shop.

According to Steam Stats, current players of the game have shot up from 18 on July 20 to 136 on July 22, meaning word is spreading about the return of the long-gone online modes.

With matchmaking apparently working, but taking a long time due to the lack of awareness, players are mostly opting for peer-to-peer games, with many listing join codes in dedicated Discord servers for the game. For those wanting to get in on the action without Evolve: Stage 2 in their Steam libraries, you can find a list of people currently streaming the game on Twitch.

It’s unclear whether this is a fix here to stay, but those that have missed the online modes for Evolve: Stage 2 are now able to play them again after a very long wait. Reddit users are now hoping for the game to be relisted on Steam.


In other news, Epic boss Tim Sweeney has said the company “definitely won’t” ban NFTs, stating that stores and operating systems “shouldn’t interfere” in the way that developers wish to create their games.

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