Ex developers “confused and baffled” by return of ‘Aeon Must Die’

"Multiple legal attempts at real compromise have yielded nothing for the last year"

Former developers for Aeon Must Die have shared that they are “confused and baffled” by the return of the game, which was initially taken down following allegations of workplace abuse and theft.

The trailer for Aeon Must Die – which was revealed back in 2020 – was originally removed when allegations of abuse, manipulation and theft surfaced in August of last year.

Earlier in the week (August 18), publisher Focus Home Interactive reposted the trailer for Aeon Must die, despite accusations that staff members remain unpaid for their work on the project and that Limestone Games stole the game from its original founder. Past developers have also raised issue with “unbearable work conditions, endless crunch, harassment, abuse, corruption and manipulation” surrounding the game.


Now, a former creative director for Aeon Must Die has posted on behalf of ex developers stating that “no legal matters pertaining to the situation were solved and even more arose in the aftermath”.

Some of the things that the post alleges include unpaid work for the trailer in question, as well as further unpaid work for “most of the animations in the game”. They also state that the IP issues have no been solved, and no trademark for the game exists.

The tweet further states that despite promises from Focus Home Interactive, “no publisher investigation was conducted” and “multiple legal attempts at real compromise have yielded nothing for the last year”.

A previous statement from the publisher claimed that it was “carefully looking into these allegations” surrounding Aeon Must Die and stated that the grievances were directed at their “direct employer” Limestone Games.


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