Ex-Riot devs announce ‘Palia’, an MMO with a community focus

Less killing, more skilling.

Former Riot Games developers have announced Palia, an MMO that aims to introduce a little more peace into the genre.

Palia is taking a different approach to the MMO format – instead of violently grinding for loot, developers Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung hope that you’ll find joy in the lighter side of MMO gameplay.


With Palia, Singularity 6 is encouraging players to help each other and spend time with friends. You’ll be able to keep busy with a variety of wholesome activities that include fishing, visiting local towns, cooking and eventually creating a home of your own.

From the trailer above, first impressions seem to be that Palia offers a fresh take on the thematically lighter, socially heavy games that we fell in love with last year – the boom in popularity for Animal Crossing: New Horizons being a prime example.

The game also appears to offer a deep dive into constructing and furnishing your own home. You can see friends working together to gather resources, reinforcing the idea that cooperation seems to pay off big time.

As well as socializing with friends, you’ll also be able to forge relationships with many of the NPC’s that populate the world of Palia. Predominantly, Palia aims to deliver on letting players live “a cozy fantasy life”.

Palia isn’t just hanging out with friends – you’ll also be tasked with forging “a future for yourself and humanity” after humans like yourself, who have been missing for thousands of years, start mysteriously popping back up.


If that sounds too much, no problem – Palia’s website notes that you can “Uncover the mysteries of humanity’s past or just live a simple life – you decide!”

Pre-Alpha for Palia starts soon and will be available on PC – you can sign up to try it out here.