Exclusive: listen to an early track from ‘Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons’ here

Listen to 'Heart Of The Machine' here

Ahead of Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons, ArenaNet has shared an exclusive early look at the soundtrack with NME – listen to ‘Heart Of The Machine’ here.

Today (February 28), ArenaNet has shared ‘Heart Of The Machine’ with NME – a track that mixes harsher industrial vibes with softer, more tranquil string segments.

You can listen to the song below.


‘Heart Of The Machine’ was put together by composer Maclaine Diemer. As well as composing Guild Wars 2, Diemer has previously worked on games such as League Of Legends, Rock Band, and Crucible.

Fans will be able to listen to the track in-game from today (February 28), as today marks the launch of End Of Dragons.

The latest expansion to ArenaNet’s MMO, End Of Dragons adds a new continent for fans to explore. The new lands also bring new trait lines for every class, a Siege Turtle combat mount, the ability to fish, and more.

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons
Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons. Credit: ArenaNet

NME got to preview End Of Dragons last month, and found that “the theme of this whole expansion – whether by multi-seater mounts, fishing with pals, or bridging the skill gap between communities – is togetherness.”


We also noticed that some of the more relaxing elements to End Of Dragons – namely fishing and skiff sailing – offered a chance “to turn Guild Wars 2 down a gear and breathe in all of the fantastic music.”

On a more intensive note, we also enjoyed the upcoming strike missions, which we think are “a great way to get players introduced to concepts like break bars without dumbing it down into a boring tutorial.”

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